It Isn’t Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Nothing is perfect. Roses aren’t always red and violets sometimes aren’t blue. The world spins onward. Time doesn’t stop and no matter how powerful and mighty we feel in one moment we are not the same person as yesterday. As time changes, we change, families change, friends change.  Sensing change yet not discovering the direction the wind is blowing is a fear I hold.

I finally accept that no matter how much effort is exhausted, elements of the future are unpredictable. You can’t control the way the wind blows but you can control whether to walk with it or against it.  Those that choose to walk with you were meant to be in the life you presently live.

These next few months include graduation and receiving a location for the job I accepted back in November.  I haven’t been up to date on posting because my mind has been pretty detached.

You need to focus on the most important, and I hold my happiness pretty high on that list.  I needed to think and digest and perhaps realize some things that I have known deep down in rediscovery. No matter what, the people who want to be in your life will be. Digging away at the uncontrollable is no easy route to take.

In the fear of the unpredictable I was also in fear that the choices I make now would separate me from those I love. I started to pull away from everything. Sometimes life is a mind game.  You can’t control others but you can control yourself. So do what you can, with what you have, and be yourself. Those that want to follow will and never look back.

Yesterday was the Philadelphia Love Run. It was my sister’s first half marathon. I wasn’t nervous, there was no pressure, I hadn’t really set a goal because of distraction.

Instead of being sunny and 60, the race was pouring, windy, and 45 degrees. It was hard and I ran against the wind. I PR’ed with a time of 1: 37.11. I crossed that finish line wet, blue, and absolutely freezing.  Push and dig and fight. Hold on. Life isn’t always sunny, Philadelphia isn’t always sunny, but no matter what, you’ll get there. Step by step, little by little, you’ll get there.

Believe in yourself, because I believe in you too.

Take time out to develop yourself, believe in yourself, and always…run with fire <3

Have an amazing monday all xx


Clean Peanut Butter Almond Cookies

Finally getting this recipe out for the books! It has been one heck of the week and the most stressful one yet. Relocation is always and has always been a sore subject and regardless of how often I attempt to stay strong leaving home leaves a hole in my heart. Its hard. So hard. This week I had an opportunity to relocate with a decision clock set for 24 hours.

It was too short notice for such a large decision but mentally started the week behind. I cannot do work when that distracted and have a hard time focusing which is why you should forgive me for the delay. These cookies helped me move along with my week and get back to normal. Cookies are also a comfort food so if I was hungry you bet I grabbed one to snack.


I have been attempting to make a clean cookie for quite some time now and finally got the recipe just right ! :)


2 cups oat flour

1/3 cup unsweetened apple sauce

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

1/4 cup almond milk

3 tbsp  honey

3 mashed bananas

1 tsp almond extract

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup Natural peanut butter

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Mix all the ingredients together. It is somewhat easier to mash bananas when they are warm. Bake for 15 minutes. enjoy!


I love this recipe and it will definitely be a repeat. I love PB and chocolate and any combo of the two sounds good to me.

Enjoy this recipe and feed yourself something warm on this rainy night :)


A 10 Tournament & PBJ Smoothies! :)

Tournament time of year!! I am so proud of CK and the team. Today I had a doctors appointment so I spent my 5 mile run thinking about where I should be (barclays center) and why I wasn’t there. I have been needing this appointment for a long time now and so I decided it was best I actually go. When I got home I made myself a PBJ smoothie which was

handful of spinach

greek vanilla yogurt




topped with puffed rice and GF granola.


It hit the spot and kept me going. After I had my smoothie I ran my errands for the day so that I could come back and watch the Saint Joseph’s Hawks play Dayton. Needed a game time snack so I put together 1/2 a sandwich thin, organic fat free turkey from Wegmans deli, and a slice of Manchego cheese along with a handful of trail mix. It hit the spot during game time.



After winning just before the buzzer the game my dad and I raced to our computers to pick up some tickets. We got floor seats for tomorrows game and I could not be happier. Always miss the boy and cant wait to see him tomorrow.

I snuck in Cardio abs as well as Cardio Conditioning with Insanity today in order to keep me moving and feeling good. I hate taking off days and tomorrow is another. Waking up early is a bummer. We ordered some Friday Pizza from Jules Thincrust. They have a variety of healthy options and today we ordered a Whole Wheat Thin Crust Greek salad pizza. It was perfect. My dad said we are going to have to eat pizza again tomorrow because we will be in Brooklyn (known for it) and so we will have to see about that… I think I got my fix tonight!!


Make this weekend count! xx

Food Industry Summit 2014

Spring Break is flying by and instead of laying on a beach with my toes in the sand I decided to head back to school and participate in the 2014 Food Industry Summit. I want to spend some time discussing some of the key learnings.


For starters, I was very pleased with the bagels for breakfast because they were mini AND had multigrain. If you read about  my fiasco last week you will see where this definitely satisfied my taste buds. Go breakfast. It was my reward after avoiding being blown away outside because yesterday that was a severe possibility.


Many of the lead marketing teams from the food industry or consumer packaged goods were in attendance and you would recognize some of the brands such as Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, AholdUSA, Campbell’s, Kelloggs, and the list goes on and on. I love being a consumer and having an inside on the industry. The topic of discussion was how the food industry can transform the consumer experience by using technology.

In my opinion, I think that technology is a huge opportunity that may be missed by traditional companies. A brand name can sell but in modern times a name can fizzle as fast as a beginner dies in flappy bird or nowadays splashy fish. It is a hard concept for older generations to grasp and by the time it is understood, some food companies will make the boat while others will miss. We want new, we want exciting. This is relevant in food and technology. Innovation drives demand.

It was a great discussion and allowed me to think of things I would do as I played mindlessly on Fooducated an awesome application that I found out about yesterday and fell in love with. When I was a freshman we discussed how foods will soon be on a grading system and this is the closest thing to which I sometimes use for quick info.

For lunch we had chicken marsala, beans, caprese salad, and potatoes. I didn’t trust the chicken but had the vegetables for lunch. I broke off a piece of scone which tasted like a cookie for something sweet. Yeah, I was that person.


Then which felt like 5 minutes later, they put out the philadelphia favorites. Peanut Chews (dads all time fav), Soft pretzels, and dun dun dun the tastykakes. Good thing I only love two of the three… I had  a bite of my friends pretzel because she was eating it in front of my face, and off I went.  I was proud! It was a long day and I made it home catching the tail end of rush hour

photo4It was a nice clean dinner which I was happy about. This picture was before I put everything over spinach to nutrient dense it all up. It hit the spot and made me feel much better!! It is saturday and I still have to catch you up on today but I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!!



Taco Tuesday!

Last night was Taco Tuesday. I do not taco often but when I taco….I usually turn it into a salad. I layered this salad with finely chopped romaine, spinach, plain greek yogurt, low fat cheddar, tomatoes, onions, and ground turkey. I topped it off with some organic corn chips. It was everything I dreamt of. Last minute choice and it turned out perfect. My mom stuck with the tacos, dad made a taco pizza on naan with taco sauce for the base, and I went with a salad. Very flexible and goes to show that you can make any dinner option into something you want. Don’t sell yourself short, give your body what it craves!!



This morning I went for an easy 7 and followed up with ab work. Tomorrow is the Food Industry Summit and we are going to an Italian Restaurant to network tonight. Tomorrow I have to rise at the crack of dawn and it is my rest day. The first one in a while actually. I need it too. It should be a great night and I can’t wait to share all about the industry summit. On my run I ran into this heart on the pavement and I…melted. It made me think about no matter how tired I get, or bored I may be, or  miles I go. I love running. Running makes me better. I’ll never stop running on the pavement. It grounds me and keeps me connected.


After my run and on my way back to school I picked up a Shamrock Shake from Brynn and Danes. It hit the spot. I make my own Shamrock Shakes at home but I needed to get some inspiration and it is still healthy. I can always trust Brynn.



Hope you all stay dry today!

Crunchy PB Honey Granola Bars

Crunchy PB granola bars were killer. I cannot stop eating them. The good thing ( i think) about making your own is that you can eat however much you feel like. I am a picker. Sometimes I just want a bite of something to satisfy my sweet tooth. When it comes to bars I will open one just to take a bite and then save the rest for when I want it. I also like to bake my granola bars. Before I get too deep in the versatility of the granola bar let me share with you on how I made my own!


1/4 cup oats

2 cups puffed rice

1/2 cup honey

1/2- 3/4 cup of natural PB

I added in some dark chocolate almonds, roasted almonds, and dark choc chips.

Directions: melt pb and honey to soften and add to the rest of the ingredients. Place in a 13 x 9 pan and place in the fridge for week long usage. Its that simple and delicious. You can swap honey for maple syrup or molasses and add anything youd like ranging from vanilla – peppermint- to chocolate. I love the flexibility of recipes like this. These granola bars turned out a bit crunchy and tasted a lot like rice crispy treats. They are clean and when eaten do  not lay heavy in your stomach. Definitely give these a try. I will be posting more pictures when I get my hands on another one.

Have a happy Wednesday and Stay dry! photo6

Blind Side Apple Cinnamon Pancakes


Its spring break!! and instead of going to cancun like some of my room mates I stayed back and decided to relax a bit. The thing is that “relaxing” is never really in my vocabulary and if I am not doing something, I usually am thinking about something I have to do. I barely have time to watch TV and am always trying to get ahead of work. This is something I know about myself and am continuously working on. I love to cook so when I am relaxing, it is normally what I do.

Today I woke up late and realized I had an eye appointment in an hour and a half! Some of you may be familiar with the frustration of dilated eyes! It is a struggle, I decided to sprint my 7 miles which was great training. I hit my time and could have definitely gone faster if I didn’t spend the run thinking about breakfast… I grabbed a cookie dough luna protein (heaven) and my runners world magazine as I ran back out the door.

I purposely don’t bring sunglasses so that when I leave the office I get those hilarious 3-D looking glasses. On the way home when I was all bugg-eyed, I decided to blindly whip up pancakes. They actually looked pretty darn awesome. These cakes had

1/2 cup oat flour

1/2 cup greek

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp pb ( everything I  make has PB its an issue I am not willing and able to address)

2 tbsp diced apple ( just made this up, put as much apple as you gosh darn want to)

I mixed the ingredients, put some coconut oil in the pan and flipped when the batter  bubbled. Made it all fancy with some GF granola, dab of light whipped cream, and some dark chocolate berry trailmix from NATUREBOX because they killed it this month. Astonished the family with my abilities and both of my parents loved the outcome of the dish. They were jealous I hadn’t revealed my breakfast plans before they consumed theirs.


Then me and mom did some shopping got a few gifts and ran some errands. I came back and did some arms in the basement as a home workout interval training to burn those puppies out. It worked.


All I have wanted in life recently is a sandwich. A honkin sandwich. I got some organic turkey at Wegman’s yesterday and decided it had to be done. I even declined Brynn and Danes, I know, crazy. I added some Manchego cheese, mustard, avocado, and love for this sandwich which was designed for my tastebuds on none other than a sandwich thin. Beautiful. Just what I wanted. I also decided to make some granola bars somewhere around my day so I will put up that recipe later on!



Hopefully you all are enjoying this weather as much as I am. Acting like it is summer and you should do the same. no sleeves. <3 xx

Cranberry Walnut Wild Rice Salad

This morning I woke up early ( again). I got my run in and did an ab video before hitting the road back to school for some meetings. I had left my oats at home for the weekend and today I wanted a pancake. Thats right 1 pancake. So I satisfied myself. I must have put a peppermint extract spoon in my greek yogurt because not only did the yogurt but also the pancake tasted like peppermint! Strong stuff!

photo_3 photo_2

Today we were supposed to have a potluck dinner at one of my favorite professors BUT because of all this “snow” calling, it had been canceled. This left me with an overload of food which is good, but at the same time I could most likely feed my entire street with my groceries. I decided to make what I was going to make anyway just because I wanted it. I decided to make a Cranberry Walnut Salad.


This salad doesn’t just have cranberries and walnuts but it has a savory sweet mixture of some of my favorite ingredients! The reason that my recipes do not always have exact measures is because I don’t I usually put what I feel into my dishes. I don’t like measuring, I am not the most patient person… but these are the main goods I put into this rice salad.

Feta Cheese

Wild Rice

Steamed Broccoli




Dried Ocean Spray Cranberries

I usually layer my bowls. Today I cushioned the rice salad with a mixture of spinach and romaine lettuce. I topped the greens with half a roasted chicken breast and finally put the rice mixture on top. It hit the spot and had that crunch I crave at every meal.


This is currently my study break. Midterms are brewing and it is hard to focus with snow in the forecast. I have a big financial presentation tomorrow so wish me luck…if it happens!

Stay snow safe & try not to park near trees! On my runs I have seen many down and I cant imagine one hitting a car!!


Shamrock Shake and Storm Stackup

This morning I woke up on the earlier side. I am in this hole of waking up super early. Its great for about an hour until I feel like its 1 am and I should be asleep!! I think its definitely these midterms… I did an easy 7 mile run. I have recently been kicking up my HIIT workouts in the gym and so today I felt I deserved a bit of a break..well at least to start.

After my run I had some errands to run but I wanted to go to Brynn and Danes since I was home. I was going to make pancakes but forgot my oat flour and my parents do not have steel cut. I have been craving a bagel so badly and heard they had a perfect wheat bagel with my name on it. 140 cals of greatness.  I wanted the Peanut Butter Cream Creamcheese. Sounds awesome right? Well after I had ordered…and paid…they came out and said they were sorry but were out of cream cheese….devastation. I am so bad at picking something else on the spot…wound up picking an avo tomato sandwich with egg white and reduced fat cheese. Not what I wanted, at all.

photo_5Definitely was a morning breaker but I didn’t let it get to the rest of the day. You know when your set on something, really set, and it just does not happen. Great disappointment, but even more so when it is in the name of food!

I went to Wegman’s after this poor decision and decided to get something to make for lunch that wasn’t going to make me want to kick myself. I picked up some peppermint extract so that I could make a shamrock shake. The one I made with mint leaves was tasty but I wanted to try something closer to the real thing. Please note: a little goes a LONG way. I added my usual



1 banana

handful of spinach

4 oz greek yogurt

1/2 cup almond milk

drop of peppermint extract ( i didnt measure mine and put more than this, if i opened my mouth, my breath would turn to ice. I should have been on an ice breakers commercial).


It was still good though but I gave it to my dad, opted for a few nuts, pb, and the prettiest blood orange I ever did eat.photo_3


Then after glorifying over fruit I went back up into my room to study my face off some more. Then I decided to take a break after a few hours and do an INSANITY DVD.  Took them from CK’s while he was away. Definitely came in handy this winter. Today was a weight training video which lasted about 50 minutes. Then it was time for dinner


REWIND: This weekend I came home to study for midterms and attempt to relax a bit. CK was away and there is leakage in my house. A big storm is headed toward the east coast and with all these tests, I decided to put it in gear this weekend to get ammunition for the week ahead (better decision than my breakfast this morning, can you tell I am still bitter?)

I bought a ton of food at Wegmans for a potluck for class at my professors tomorrow but it was already canceled due to weather! Crazy mother nature!

Hopefully you are all ready for the storm on the east and not hating the rain I am hearing of on the West! xx

Happy Saturday!

Weekend Long Run and Light Quesadillas

I got it in!! Saturday was an awesome day with a great start. Friday I got some rest after a long week. I was extremely tired and it was rainy so it really helped me get more motivated….not. Saturday I ran my own half marathon to the Art Museum which was awesome. I saw so many people I knew on the trail and I was in short sleeves. Nothing better, the view was great and I wasn’t as tired as I normally am after a long run.


After the run I headed to CK’s home game at school. It was a fun day and I am happy I did everything I had wanted.

Last night and tonight, I made some Light Quesadillas which really hit the spot. I loved them so much I made one again tonight.I like to give myself options during dinner. So I accompanied the quesadillas with a side salad to get more veggies in. Here is what was on my Dillas.

  •  1 Tumaro’s Low-in-Carb Wrap
  • 1 tbsp Fage Nonfat Greek Yogurt (sub light sour cream)
  • 1/2 jalepeno
  • Green & red Pepper Chunks
  • Diced Tomato
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Lite Trader Joes Mexican Cheese
  • Siracha or Franks hot sauce (added as much as you can handle)


These are quick and easy if you have all the ingredients, you dont need a lot of the ingredients otherwise your wrap wont be able to handle it. Made mine on a whim. Had to make them since I was craving them all weekend long. I spread the greek yogurt onto the wrap, added my jalepeno, tomato, pepper, chicken, cheese, hot sauce and then put my wrap onto a panini press. Yes, this is a very random electric kitchen device to possess but it is one of the many awesome things about having room mates. You can put it in a pan and wait for the cheese to melt. The oven or oven toaster work as well so use what you have. Totally recommend these, they are remorse free and delicious.

Yesterday I went home for the day and raced back to school. I worked out lightly yesterday after the half on saturday so today I did a long run, speed workout, and lift session. After my big day I ate some greek fage, pb2, cocoa roasted almonds, multigrain fiber cereal, strawberries, banana, blackberries, and papaya to start the day before class. I love rushing in the morning and getting everything done. Refreshing and accomplishing.


Start out the week right!! Happy monday all